Navigating the world of variable-speed drives can feel like a daunting task. With various options and technical jargon, choosing the right drive for your specific needs can be a challenge. But fear not, because the AC Tech SCF Series drives are here to simplify your search. This comprehensive guide sheds light on everything you need to know about these versatile and powerful drives, from their key features and functionalities to applications and installation details. Whether you’re a seasoned engineer or just starting to explore the possibilities of variable speed control, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions and unlock the full potential of the AC Tech SCF Series in your projects.

This guide goes beyond merely listing specifications. It delves into the heart of what makes the SCF Series unique, highlighting its user-friendly design, impressive control flexibility, and robust performance. Practical examples and clear explanations will bring the information to life, empowering you to confidently select the appropriate model, configure it for your specific requirements, and reap the benefits of efficient and optimized motor control. So, buckle up and prepare to embark on a journey of discovery into the exciting world of the AC Tech SCF Series Drives!

Understanding AC Tech SCF Series Drives

What are they? The SCF Series are sub-micro drives, meaning they are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for space-constrained applications. They offer a wide power range, from 0.4kW to 7.5kW, and can operate on single-phase or three-phase AC input.

Key Features And Benefits Of SCF Series Drives:

  • Compact Design: These drives boast an IP20-rated enclosure and are among the smallest in their class, ideal for space-constrained applications.
  • Wide Power Range: The SCF Series offers a broad range of power ratings, from 0.4kW to 22kW, catering to diverse motor sizes and needs.
  • Versatile Input Voltage: They are compatible with various input voltages, including 200V, 230V, 400V, 480V, and 575V, for flexible integration into different power systems.
  • Advanced Control Modes: SCF drives support multiple control modes, including sensorless vector control, open-loop V/F control, and closed-loop current control, providing precise speed and torque regulation for different applications.
  • Extensive Communication Options: They come equipped with multiple communication interfaces, including RS485 Modbus RTU, allowing for easy integration into industrial control networks and monitoring systems.
  • Energy Efficiency: These drives feature advanced algorithms and power conversion techniques for minimizing energy consumption and optimizing motor performance.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The SCF Series utilizes a simple and intuitive keypad interface with LCD for easy setup, parameter adjustment, and monitoring.
  • Wide Range of Applications: They are suitable for various industrial applications, including material handling, packaging, textile, printing, food & beverage, and HVAC.

Specifications And Models:

The SCF Series comes in a wide range of models with varying power ratings, input voltages, and features.

Here’s A Brief Overview Of The Available Models:

  • Power Ratings: 0.4kW, 0.75kW, 1.5kW, 2.2kW, 4kW, 5.5kW, 7.5kW, 11kW, 15kW, 18.5kW, 22kW
  • Input Voltages: 200V, 230V, 400V, 480V, 575V
  • Control Modes: Sensorless Vector Control, Open-Loop V/F Control, Closed-Loop Current Control
  • Communication Options: RS485 Modbus RTU
  • Mounting Options: Standard surface mount, Through-hole mount for external heatsink

For detailed specifications and model selection, refer to the AC Tech SCF Series datasheet or contact your local authorized distributor.


The SCF Series drives are suitable for various industrial applications where precise motor control, energy efficiency, and compact size are crucial. Here are some examples:

  • Material Handling: Conveyors, fans, pumps, lifts
  • Packaging: Labeling machines, palletizers, filling machines
  • Textile: Weaving machines, knitting machines, winders
  • Printing: Printing presses, rewinders, web tension control
  • Food & Beverage: Mixers, conveyors, bottling lines
  • HVAC: Fan control, chillers, pumps

Programming Options

The SCF series can be programmed using the keypad on the drive itself or through external software. The keypad offers basic parameter setting and control functions. For advanced programming and monitoring, you can use AC Tech’s DriveView software or other compatible tools.

Benefits Of Choosing AC Tech SCF Series Drives

  • Compact and lightweight: Easy to install in tight spaces.
  • Versatile: Wide range of power options and control features to suit diverse needs.
  • Energy-efficient: Optimize motor performance and reduce energy consumption.
  • Reliable: Robust design and advanced protection ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Easy to use: Intuitive interface for quick setup and operation.
  • Cost-effective: Competitive pricing and low maintenance requirements.

Getting Started With AC Tech SCF Series Drives

Resources: AC Tech offers extensive resources to help you get started, including:

  • Installation and operation manuals: Provide detailed instructions for installation, configuration, and operation.
  • Quick reference guides: Offer a condensed overview of key functions and settings.
  • Application notes: Showcase specific application examples and provide configuration guidance.
  • Training: AC Tech offers training programs to help users gain a deeper understanding of the drives and their capabilities.
  • Support: AC Tech provides technical support to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter.

Additional Resources:

  • AC Tech SCF Series Installation & Operation Manual: manualslib .com products/Ac-Tech-Scf-Series-3790005 .html
  • AC Tech SCF Series Quick Reference Guide: files.valinonline .com/userfiles/documents/ac-tech-scf-drives-quick-reference-guide.pdf

I hope this comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into the AC Tech SCF Series drives. For further information and specific application queries, please contact AC Tech or your local authorized distributor.

Final Thoughts

The AC Tech SCF Series drives offer a powerful and versatile solution for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Their compact size, comprehensive features, and ease of use make them ideal for both simple and complex projects. Whether you need precise speed control, high torque capabilities, or advanced communication options, the SCF Series has a model to meet your needs.

Investing in an AC Tech SCF Series drives provides more than just efficient motor control. It delivers enhanced energy savings, improved process control, and reduced downtime, all contributing to a significant return on your investment. With a commitment to quality and reliability, AC Tech stands behind its products, ensuring peace of mind for years to come. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient drive to take your projects to the next level, consider the AC Tech SCF Series – your comprehensive guide to optimized motor control.


1. What Are The Power Ratings Of The AC Tech SCF Series Drives?

A: The AC Tech SCF Series drives are available in a range of power ratings from 0.25 to 30 horsepower (0.18 to 22kW). This makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications, from small fan motors to large pumps and compressors.

2. What Voltage Options Are Available For The SCF Series Drives?

A: The SCF Series drives are available in single-phase and three-phase versions. Single-phase models are available for 208 or 240VAC, while three-phase models are available for 208, 240, 400, 480, or 590VAC.

3. What Types Of Motors Can The SCF Series Drive Control?

A: The AC Tech SCF Series drives are designed to operate standard polyphase induction motors rated for 200, 230, 400, 460, or 575VAC from 0 to 240Hz. Operation to 1000Hz is available as an option.

4. What Are Some Of The Key Features Of The SCF Series Drives?

  • Easy setup and operation
  • Multiple control modes, including keypad, remote keypad, PC, and EPM programmer
  • Motor thermal overload protection
  • 18 isolated terminals provide 5 logic inputs, 2 logic outputs, 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, and RS485 Modbus communication
  • Optional features include high-frequency output, DIN rail mounting kit, dynamic braking kit, and AC line filters

5. Where Can I Find More Information About The SCF Series Drives?

A: You can find more information about the SCF Series drives on the AC Tech website or in the SCF Series User Manual. You can also contact your local AC Tech distributor for more information.

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